Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We develop 100% of your organization’s potential.

For Duarte & Morales, organizations are databases with added value, which as with humans, have DNA but take advantage of less than 10% of their capacity to explain and predict the effects of each of their decisions and to plan the execution of their next operations.

For this purpose, we have created analytical contexts for your company where together with our team of experts, we make our developments of collection models and Big Data processing available to you. This allows us to discover and explain what goes on in the other 90% of the brain (database). We use the most advanced trends in machine learning, statistics and mathematical modeling to create robust and complex predictive models based on your information, that of third parties and of the market in general which will permit your company to anticipate your next step and that of your competitors. All this, while doing on-going monitoring on the intelligence of your company.

Services that Leave a Mark

Project Management

Through our project management techniques and tools, your company will be more efficient in the planning and execution of its projects, and in the assurance that these are completed in the established time and budget with the highest quality standards to give greater value to your stakeholders.


Our consulting is specialized and responds to the needs of our clients.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We develop 100% of your organization’s potential.

Comprehensive structuration

Cross-sectional Projects

The experience we have garnered in diverse economic sectors in various countries allows us to provide comprehensive consultancy on projects in the economic, risk and financial areas.