Our consulting is specialized and responds to the needs of our clients.

Development of solutions with added value

In Duarte & Morales, we are accelerators of high-impact corporate strategies. Our consulting process is not limited to the fulfillment and delivery of an objective, but rather the development of solutions with added value, sustainable over time and that represent the values and principles of our clients. Our experience, knowledge and network of contacts allows our strategies to go beyond simple ideas and allow our clients see these turn into results with added corporate value.

Support in the contractual management of concessions

The management of concession contracts requires a permanent and integral monitoring. In Duarte & Morales, we are prepared to accompany our clients in the development of the long-term contract by using prior analysis tools that anticipate solutions to situations of risk. Bringing private companies closer to public entities allows that the response time decreases and the dialogs flow in a more organized way with commitments to their successful completion. For this reason, we propose technical, financial and risk solutions so that the diverse issues in the resolution process of public entities with private actors result in more effective solution processes.

Technical and financial expertise

We accompany the companies in the negotiation and controversy resolution processes with public entities by opening spaces for dialog and compromises that offer win-win solutions. Being financial and risk specialists allows us to develop financial judgements to be used under differing scenarios and stages of controversy that arise between the parties of a contractual relationship.

Services that Leave a Mark

Project Management

Through our project management techniques and tools, your company will be more efficient in the planning and execution of its projects, and in the assurance that these are completed in the established time and budget with the highest quality standards to give greater value to your stakeholders.


Our consulting is specialized and responds to the needs of our clients.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We develop 100% of your organization’s potential.

Comprehensive structuration

Cross-sectional Projects

The experience we have garnered in diverse economic sectors in various countries allows us to provide comprehensive consultancy on projects in the economic, risk and financial areas.