Project Management

We have extensive experience in project management under the international standards of PMI. We provide our clients with consulting on the evaluation and creation of the structure for the management of the project with the aim of facilitating the start, planning, execution, monitoring and control and the closure of complex projects.

This service has the objective of accompanying and strengthening the capabilities of project management throughout each part of the life cycle as a means of reducing risks and unforeseen events, maximizing profitability and providing added value to clients and stakeholders. We use innovative methods and flexible tools that can adjust to the different sizes of organizations and the complexity of the projects in each industry sector.

Diagnostic of organizational maturity

Organizations are complex systems that operate with created and inherited practices for years in a cultural organization that defines the environment and the decision-making processes. These practices determine the management of the project life cycles and are decisive to the success or failure of the same.

In Duarte & Morales, we use the most advanced international techniques for evaluating the organizational maturity in terms of project management which allows us to help our clients to identify what are the constitutive factors are in poor project management and to design an improvement plan to increase the levels of control and precision in the carrying out of strategic projects.

Creation of the project management structure

Organizations require a harmonic and functional structure for project management that allows for planning, executing, controlling and delivering projects on time and at cost. The distribution of roles and responsibilities as well as the flow of information and decision making are fundamental elements for the success of complex projects. In Duarte & Morales, we have a team that is suitable for guaranteeing the creation and the increase in effectiveness through the project management structure in your company.

Follow-up and control panels

In Duarte & Morales we believe firmly that we cannot control that which we cannot measure and assess. For this reason, we understand the necessity of creating tools that permit the control of your strategic projects 24/7. Our passion for technological innovation has allowed us to offer solutions with great added value and accomplished at lower costs to achieve success in the life cycle of your projects. Our follow-up tools, as well as our control panels (dashboards) offer the flexibility of adjusting themselves to the particular characteristics of your company while at the same time helping increase efficiency in the control and execution of your projects.


In Duarte & Morales, in addition to evaluating, creating and developing structures and efficient project management tools, we accompany our clients throughout the entire process of implementation to assure a harmonious integration of the strategies developed for improving the life cycle of your projects. Our team of experts has methodologies for facilitating the implementation of the project management structures while at the same time measuring the effectiveness and level of integration obtained.

Services that Leave a Mark

Project Management

Through our project management techniques and tools, your company will be more efficient in the planning and execution of its projects, and in the assurance that these are completed in the established time and budget with the highest quality standards to give greater value to your stakeholders.


Our consulting is specialized and responds to the needs of our clients.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We develop 100% of your organization’s potential.

Comprehensive structuration

Cross-sectional Projects

The experience we have garnered in diverse economic sectors in various countries allows us to provide comprehensive consultancy on projects in the economic, risk and financial areas.