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Duarte & Morales has extensive experience in project management under PMI international standards. We offer our clients advice in the evaluation and creation of the structure for project management in order to facilitate the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closure of their complex projects. This service has the objective of supporting and strengthening project management capabilities throughout the project life cycle, to reduce risks and contingencies, maximize profitability and add value to your customers and stakeholders. We use innovative methodologies and flexible tools that adjust to the different sizes of organizations and the complexity of projects in each industry.

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Acceleration of Business Strategies

At Duarte & Morales we work under a framework of implementation of agile project management methodologies. The objective is to develop, deliver and maintain complex products through an iterative and incremental work approach.

The objective behind the application of agile methodologies is to allow companies and their employees to address complex problems in an adaptive way, while generating short-term deliverables that can be used by society in a productive, creative and value-added way.

Organizational Maturity Diagnosis

Organizations are complex systems that operate with practices created and inherited by years of an organizational culture that defines the environment and the process for decision making. These practices determine the management of project life cycles, and are decisive for the success or failure of projects.

At Duarte & Morales we use the most advanced international techniques to assess organizational maturity in project management, which allows us to help our clients identify which are the constituent factors of poor management, and design an improvement plan to increase the level of control and accuracy in the execution of strategic projects.

Creation of the Project Management Structure

Organizations require a harmonious and functional structure for project management that allows planning, executing, controlling and delivering projects on time and on budget. The distribution of roles and responsibilities, as well as the flow of information and decision making are fundamental elements for the success of complex projects.

At Duarte & Morales we have the ideal team to guarantee the creation and increase the effectiveness of the company's project management structure.

Monitoring and Dashboards

At Duarte & Morales we firmly believe that what we cannot control is what we cannot measure and evaluate. Therefore, we understand the need to create tools that allow the control of your strategic projects 24 hours a day. Our passion for technological innovation allows us to offer high added value and low cost solutions for the success of your projects' life cycle.

Our tracking tools, as well as our dashboards, provide the flexibility to adjust to the particular characteristics of each business, while helping you increase efficiency in the control and execution of projects.


At Duarte & Morales, in addition to evaluating, creating and developing efficient project management structures and tools, we accompany our clients throughout the implementation process to ensure the harmonious integration of the strategies developed to improve the life cycle of their projects.

Our team of experts has methodologies to facilitate the implementation of project management structures, while measuring the effectiveness and level of integration obtained.

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